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Stories of motherhood.

It is the most beautiful of days. The sun is bright, the air is cold and there’s that smell of Spring wafting all around. The washing is on the line and Izzy is telling me “not enough space left!” on her mini washing line where she’s been pegging out with me.

Pegging out

The wind is blowing over my shoulders now as we sit down for our tea party (with real earl grey tea of course), frog the bubble machine has joined us, a Chugington train and Izzy’s red polka dot sunglasses (a design Elton John would be proud of). Izzy is now busy cleaning, wiping up her spills and in-between slurping away at her tea, “mmmm!”; glad she approves.

Izzy, the Elton John look-a-like

Truth is we’re off to the doctors in a few moments as Izzy has had an allergic reaction to something (probably the radox she emptied into the bath a few nights ago!) and is covered in a rash and has a bit of a swollen face. But for now, I’m drinking this moment up along with my earl grey tea. I can see my girl in all her glory, bright, vibrant, full of life, unique quirks and conversation. 6 days until I start my new job and its eating away at me that these moments in the week are numbered. Somehow my senses are alerted to this “countdown” and I feel more able to connect to the moment and just be. Funny what it takes to make you efficient at just being. Not so long ago I would have been troubling myself with any old job (that could have waited) just for a moments peace. But being here, now, I realise this is my peace. This is my place. This is just being.
Back from the doctors and after a snooze in the car we have more washing to put out. Still waking up and cranky, Izzy demands a “cuddle carry”. I love how almost 3 years into our babywearing journey being hands free and carrying on with daily chores is still entirely possible (and comfortable). Yes big kids love being carried too! We’re off to the Peak District next month and I’m eager to see if Izzy will want/enjoy being carried during a walk in one of our most favourite places and landscapes.
Pegging out carrying Izzy
Over the last few days I find myself feeling like a love sick teenager with butterflies in my tummy, my heart full of love, my head full of dreams. I’ll be spending so much less time with Izzy and Kyle over the coming weeks and months… I miss them already.
Snuggles in bed LOVE
A friend bought me a book the Christmas before Izzy was born, “Stories of Motherhood”. To this day I still haven’t read it. I mention it is because I find myself thinking about my own story of motherhood as I prepare myself for this new path I have chosen. It goes without saying that one of my chapters of motherhood would most definitely be “babywearing” and the one after that (where I will be next Monday 22nd February), “returning to the real world”. I wonder what some of your chapters might be called and why? <3
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