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The times they are a-changin’

I’ve waited for a very long time to announce that I’ve decided to hang up my hat as a Babywearing Consultant. I’ve been mindful of the timing of sharing this news, but as with anything there never seems to be...

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New year – new pricing

wearthemwithlove will have been trading for 3 years in April, and in that time I have never changed my pricing. The pricing as you see it today on my website is based on market research that I did when I...

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What’s in the pipeline for wearthemwithlove?

I’ve been dropping hints and trying to keep you as updated as possible, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day for sitting down peacefully to write properly… So here I am, with a coffee and a moment to...

whats in the pipeline blog title
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Stories of motherhood.

It is the most beautiful of days. The sun is bright, the air is cold and there’s that smell of Spring wafting all around. The washing is on the line and Izzy is telling me “not enough space left!” on...

Pegging out
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Pause for thought.

Pausing. Resting. Waiting. Reflecting. Thinking. I did a lot of all of these things over Christmas and New Year. I made myself stop, I really needed the break and I really needed to unwind. With this unwinding came family time,...

a little exhausting
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